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S.D.A. Leidance

Student Dance Association of Leiden


SDA Leidance is a student dance association that focuses on partner dances – namely ballroom dancing, salsa, kizomba, bachata, Argentinian tango and rock ‘n roll. We aim to provide a social element to the dance classes provided by Leiden’s University Sports Centre (or USC for short). We do this by organising social dancing nights, parties, workshops, movie nights and plenty of other activities.

Founded on the 6th of February 2014, we are a young association that is growing rapidly. As we are a host to very different kinds of dancing, our activities branch out from basement kizomba parties to fancy ballroom tournaments that last a whole weekend. There’s something for everyone!

Our members are a tight group of friends that stay in touch through our Whatsapp groups and Facebook. It’s a mixed bunch: the majority of our members are Dutch but we also boast a large number of internationals (close to a third of our total number) who have had little trouble fitting in with the rest. We pride ourselves on being an accessible and welcoming group without restrictions or forced participation.